Gardner Fiveash sounds like a name you would think of for a dumbass, twenty year old, rich white boy for a short story about college only to decide on a different name because, "there's no way anyone would find the name Gardner Fiveash believable." » 3/02/15 12:18pm Today 12:18pm

This is my problem with Fashion Police. I am generally pro-snark, but on the few occasions I tried watching they weren't snarky so much as just plain mean. They were making fun of Nicole Ritchie for wearing silver while being a recovering addict (because needles are silver?). It wasn't funny, it barely made sense as a… » 3/02/15 12:06pm Today 12:06pm

This is why it's hard not to sometimes roll my eyes when people go on about big pharma. Not because I think the pharmaceutical industry is some sort of paragon of morality, but because if [insert herb/oil] could cure cancer, pharmaceutical companies would find a way to make a pill out of them. » 3/01/15 11:10pm Yesterday 11:10pm

I believe there are trials ongoing. I don't know that any of them have been completed, as I've only ever heard anecdotal evidence. One of the reasons the Epilepsy Foundation has been pushing for legalization is so that there can be more studies and research. » 3/01/15 8:13pm Yesterday 8:13pm

I feel like there must be more to Bonnie and Annalise's relationship than they've shown us. I can't see why they would keep her around unless she either knows some sort of big secret or if there was more of an emotional attachment than we've seen (it was obvious earlier in the season that Bonnie is attached to… » 2/27/15 4:25pm Friday 4:25pm

Yeah, whenever Americans complain about socialized healthcare because it might cause waiting I wonder what magical doctors they're going to where they never have to wait. My doctor retired last year, and the doctor she referred me to wasn't taking any new patients for three months. » 2/26/15 3:21pm Thursday 3:21pm

Yeah. I used to watch Fashion Police in high school, and I remember them bringing in designers and stylists as guests who made interesting comments. The last time I checked fashion police I couldn't make it past the first commercial because they were so mean spirited (jokes about stars recovering from addiction, etc). » 2/24/15 3:42pm 2/24/15 3:42pm